When you are thinking about adding a solar system to your home, there is a lot to know. The most important is choosing the best solar company to guide you. Here are some guidelines for learning about your solar needs and selecting the best solar company to work with. These tips and questions will help you identify the solar company with the experience, quality products, trained personnel, and financial strength you need. The quality of the solar installer and equipment you select will directly affect your long-term savings and the system’s reliability. The right combination will set you up for decades of solar energy.

Do Your Research

Find out how much energy you currently use by checking your electric bills. Determine if there are additions you will want to make in the near future that will increase your usage. Do you want to add more air conditioning or an EV? You’ll want to plan for the future but not pay for more energy than you’ll need. 

Is the position of your home right for solar; is there too much shade, or do the roof lines face away from the sun most of the day? A professional installer may be able to mitigate these issues, but the production of your system depends on the location of the panels.

Do you have a fair understanding of how solar works? You don’t need to be an engineer to benefit from solar knowledge — it will help you to have a basic understanding of how panels, inverters, battery (if available) work with the grid to give you the most benefit. Your solar expert will guide you through the installation, but having knowledge about how it works will give you peace of mind.

Compare solar companies to make sure you’re getting the best equipment and service from a trusted company with financial strength that will be there for you in the future.

Don’t Be Pressured into a Sale

The solar expert you meet with should be consulting with you, learning what your energy needs are and what works with your budget. They will help guide you through every step to select the best financing for you. It is common for some solar companies to push limited types of financing that benefit the company even when it may not be in the best interest of the customer.

Find a Qualified, Trusted Solar Contractor 

There are lots of reasons to support local businesses, and it is especially true for solar. Find a contractor in your area, ensuring that they understand the facets that make your area unique. Meet with them in person (or virtually), and never e-sign a contract before you are comfortable with the proposed system, financing options, and how service requests and repairs are handled. With the right equipment installed in the right way, your solar system should operate without incident for many years. Be sure that should something happen to disrupt its smooth operation, your solar contractor will be there to assist.

Make Sure the Contractor Has the Right Documents

Ask for a copy of the contractor’s and subcontractor’s license, insurance, and worker’s comp policies to ensure that they, not you, will not be liable for damages or injuries during installation.

Know Your Financing Options

There are many ways available to finance your solar electric system. Your solar expert should be able to give you a number of options you can use, from solar loans with no or a low down payment and low interest to Home Equity Loans or cash. Don’t sign a contract until you review which payment method is best for your situation.