SunPower® Authorized Dealer

District Energy is dedicated to providing the highest quality solar installations and an unsurpassed customer experience. We are proud to be a SunPower® Authorized Dealer.

SunPower panels are the most durable and efficient panels in the world and in space. SunPower has been asked to collaborate with NASA to, among other things, explore the Greenland icecap and test solar for unmanned vehicles designed to explore planets like Mars. If SunPower panels are efficient and durable enough for a frigid icecap or outer space, we’re confident they will provide reliable, clean power for our customers.

For over 35 years, SunPower® has been leading global solar innovation. The technology behind SunPower® panels is superior to conventional solar panels, delivering more energy and long-term peace of mind with the highest-performing solar power systems available. Rated #1 in durability in third-party testing, SunPower® panels provide 70% more energy in the same space for over 25 years when compared with others. We choose SunPower® for our customers because of their efficiency (more power = more savings), and their industry-leading warranty ensures decades of trouble-free solar savings.

Authorized Dealer Standards